Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gearing up for the fall semester

Well, the summer is very quickly coming to a close and we will begin the busyness of fall next week. This has absolutely been the most relaxing, enjoyable summer to date. We were able to take our holidays at the beginning of the summer, which left the last 7 weeks to simply enjoy spending time together and hanging out. We discovered outdoor rock climbing as a family this summer and have spent quite a bit of time out in the mountains enjoying this new sport. Despite the wonderful summer that we have had, there is something exciting about getting back into a routine and schedule that September brings.

We will all be starting classes next week - Julia will be starting grade 2 and Daniel will be in French Immersion Kindergarten; Steve will be taking three classes and I have registered for two courses as well. The first one is "Old Testament Survey" which I will be auditing at the Seminary and the second one is "Cross Cultural Communication" which is an online course offered through Prairie Bible Institute. I will also be taking an ESL training course through Cooperative ESL Ministries which will allow me to be a part of Church based ESL programs as well as using it overseas.

All in all a busy semester for all of us, but I am hoping that we will be able to settle into our routines and adjust fairly quickly.