Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Waiting and Learning

Well, we are back to waiting one more time. We received an email from the Seminary saying that they have received all of Steve's documentation, and now everything has to be given to the Applications Committee for review and approval. That will take another week or two, so the wait is on once again.

I am trying to remember that all of this is God's timing and not ours, and I was reminded of this during my devotions this week. I was reading "Experiencing God" and two sentances leaped out at me - "When God gives directions, you accept it and understand it clearly, then give God all the time He needs to make you the kind of person that He can trust with that assignment. Do not assume that the moment He calls, you are ready for the assignment."

Wow, that spoke tons to me. This desire for missions has been placed in both mine and Steve's hearts by God, but the culmination of it will occur in God's time, not ours.

I need to remember that God is shaping not only Steve and I, but Julia and Daniel as well, into the vessels that He can use and that He is also preparing the hearts of the people that He has chosen for us to minister to.

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