Monday, April 30, 2012

Shipping from the Philippines...done!

So I managed to get our boxes sent.  Finally.

I got them all packed up and ready to go (it ended up being 6 boxes at about 30kg each).  I took them down to CTSI.  I handed them over to the friendly staff there.  I paid them to take care of everything.  And I left feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders!

It was one of those times when it seemed like everything went really smoothly.  It just worked.  It was efficient and quite simple.

Of course that was not necessarily what I was expecting.  I took lots of stuff with me for every possible contingency.  I had a knife to cut open the boxes in case they needed to be inspected.  I had a detailed list of every item I had packed in case there was any question about what was in them.  I had tape (packing tape and duct tape) to reseal the boxes after opening them.  I had my iPod in case I had to wait a while.  I took a bottle of water in case I got thirsty while waiting.  I had it all covered.

So it was almost a letdown when it all went so smoothly.  I didn't need any of the stuff I had brought.  All my time spent imagining possible delays and figuring out what to do to be prepared was unnecessary.  It just went really smoothly.

So it's done.  Our boxes are on a boat or truck or sitting in a warehouse somewhere between here and home.  Now I can put that behind me and concentrate on the next thing in preparing to head home!

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Chantelle said...

We are headed home for home assignment on June 26th. Looking forward to having some time to catch up with you next year!