Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to School for Steve

So it looks like the next step will be for me to go back to school. I will most likely be finishing my Bible college degree. I never would have expected that!

Kerri and I have a meeting at Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary on Tuesday to go and discuss when I should start back and to check out the school.

We will be selling our house and moving out to Cochrane, so I can go to school full time. That's kind of scary. Our house has always been our contingency plan. We always figured that in the worst case we could sell our house and move to somewhere a lot cheaper than Calgary, and be mortgage free. I guess we will be doing that. Niger is a lot cheaper. But still, it's wierd to think that once we sell our house there is no turning back.

I guess God knows what He's doing, so we should just trust and follow.

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