Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to School

So it looks like I will be going back to school, maybe January, maybe next September. Kerri and I went into the school to meet with one of the faculty on Tuesday, and we both left feeling like this is where God wants us to be.

The faculty was amazing. We met quite a few of the profs, and were surprised to discover that pretty much all the professors have a missions background. The emphasis on missions in the teaching is a key, and the experiences which we can learn from them will be amazing.

The housing is really nice too. We would need a three-bedroom unit for our family. We looked through one and it was almost as large as our house, and would work quite well for us. (Note - 2 bathrooms, an upgrade from our one currently!) The area is very quiet and there is a large playground for the kids. There seem to be lots of young families there, so lots of kids for Julia and Daniel to play with.

I have filled out the application form and will get it in soon. Hopefully the people who need to do the reference forms will be quick too (hint, hint).

When we start there will be a matter of the housing. We will require a place in the residence to be available, and for our house to sell. If God wants us there in January He will have to work things out. If not, we will continue to prepare for next September.

Please pray that everything will work out according to His plan, which I know it will!

And, if anybody is looking to buy a house in Martindale let me know!

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