Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to School

Well, I've been back in classes now for about a month. Most people have one question for me: "How is school going?"

My response to that is, "I love it!"

"Why?" you may ask.

Lots of reasons.

1. My classes are great. This semester I have four classes: Principles of Teaching and Learning, Music Appreciation, Principles of Leadership, and Writing and Research. I am learning so much in each of them and am able to actually apply much of what I am learning to my real life.

2. The professors are great. It is so nice to be able to learn from these people who have so much more knowledge and experience than I do. They make learning really enjoyable, and are all approachable and open.

3. The school is great. The facility is small and intimate, the library is well stocked with a lifetime's supply of great reading material (and a great librarian to help me find stuff - Hi Kathy!), the housing is really amazing with a spectacular view of the mountains (sunsets over the mountains every night!), and the community within the student body and families is awesome.

4. The town of Cochrane is great. It is so much smaller and quieter than Calgary was. I am really enjoying the small-town feel.

5. God is great. There is such a deep sense of peace and satisfaction knowing that we are right in the center of God's will. This is where God wants us to be right now. He has given me many new insights in the past month into who He is, what He wants to see in my life, and how to follow Him. He has shown His faithfulness to us in many ways, including selling our house in a very tough market (waiting of course until the last minute!), providing an opportunity to use what I am learning in leading a Bible study, and allowing us to join another study where we can go and learn even more.

What's next for us? I have no idea. All we know for sure is that God has called us to be missionaries to some part of the developing world. We are still thinking Niger, Africa, but are open to wherever God wants us to go.

We have no backup plan, no other options than to trust and follow where He leads. We no longer own a house. We have two cars, some furniture, and little else. We have some money in our bank account, but will be using much of that over the next couple years.

All we have to trust in is our God. There is an amazing sense of peace in that. A.W. Tozer describes this in his book, The Pursuit of God (one of the books I've read so far this semester), as "the blessedness of possessing nothing." He states, "everything is safe which we commit to Him, and nothing is really safe which is not so committed."

It's actually scarier to put your trust in other things (possessions, people, our abilities, money, government, the stock market, the health care system, should I go on?) than it is to trust in God, who sees all and knows all and loves you.

Reckless? Idealistic? Optimistic? Maybe, but I'd rather have God than have all the stuff this world possesses.



Anonymous said...

Steve - it's Jeff Gullacher here! Wow, good for you man. That's exciting stuff. I can relate to your love of learning - I'm heading to Regent College this fall to study!

Doug said...

Steve, Kerri, Julia and Daniel:
Uncle Doug here. Dad told me about this blog today and I have added it to my favorites. Hopefully you are more diligent about updates than Sprocket. I guess his big paws don't allow him to type.
You trust in a higher power inspires me and as you embark on this journey if you ever need anything from us don't hesitate to ask.
If Cochrane wasn't so far from here I would visit.
Uncle Doug