Thursday, May 5, 2011


My heart has been broken into a million little pieces for my best friend Melanie and her husband Todd and their children.  Their five year old son Nathan, died unexpectedly yesterday morning of heart complications and a stroke.  I have been best friends with Mel for almost 27 years now and I never expected to be with her as she said goodbye to her son.  My heart aches so badly for them, and I feel weary down to my core, and I know that this is only a tiny piece of how they are feeling right now.  I am struggling with the unfairness of this, the questions of "why", the disbelief, and how I wish so badly that this was all a bad dream.  I would like to bury myself in my blankets and sleep and sleep and sleep and hope that when I wake up it will all be over, but I know I can't do that.

Nathan was such a wonderful, funny little boy who was the love of Todd and Melanie's life.  He loved his big brother Cowen and his little brother Joseph, and he absolutely adored his baby sister Emilia, but more than that, he loved Jesus with all his heart.

Words cannot describe the pain and grief that I am dealing with right now as I think of Nathan's death, and the loss that Todd and Mel are dealing with.

Goodbye sweet Nathan, you will never be forgotten.


Auntie Kerri

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I am so very sorry & I've prayed & will pray for your friends.