Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Requested Post

This blog post was requested by my friend Tamara who pointed out that we have not updated in a while and she requested more frequent blog postings.  So Tamara this one is specifically for you!

We have had a few people ask us how much stuff we are shipping ahead of time and what size the boxes are and so to give you a little glimpse, here are two of the four boxes that we shipped and are now making their way to Davao.  Anything else that we are bringing will have to fit into our four large duffel bags and the rest is getting sold.  

We shipped toys for Julia and Daniel, books for the four of us, school curriculum, some pictures, games, medicine, and some treats to remind us of home (Kraft Dinner, Nutella, and granola bars).  I'm sure there will be more things that we decide to take as the time gets closer, but beside clothes, that's basically what we will have once we get to Davao.  

We are still waiting to hear about a house, but we were able to purchase some dishes, a small grill and a fan from a family who are moving back to the States.  It's kind of funny to think about purchasing even small things sight unseen and also renting a house from pictures, without actually being able to see what it really looks like, but I guess such is the life of moving overseas.  It's kind of exciting!  Hopefully we will like our house and the things we have to put in it.



Princess Pamela said...

You've all be working so hard to get everything done in time, but it looks like you've made good progress.

I sure hope the "duffle" bags you're taking are really hockey bags in'll be able to take WAY more stuff with you!

big hugs

Kerri said...

Thanks Pam - the duffle bags we have are the largest ones that MEC carries so hopefully we'll have enough room for everything!