Tuesday, April 5, 2011

See you later Grandpa

My grandpa died today.

I am filled with conflicting emotions.  I am saddened beyond words when I think about how much I am going to miss him.  My heart aches for my grandma as she now has to adjust to a world which has changed completely for her.  I mourn alongside my family as we all must come to terms with this reality.  At the same time I smile when I think back on all the good times spent with him.  I laugh at the memories of conversations filled with humor and fun.  And I have an inexpressible sense of joy that he is now face to face with God.  Grandpa is home.

My grandpa was an extremely significant part of my life.  I respect my grandpa in a way which few other people can measure up to.  He was one of the few people whose approval I sought.  I hope that I can be like him in many ways.

He was one of my biggest supporters in everything I have done.  He was always interested to know what I was up to, and would encourage me in whatever that was.  He took the time to learn about my life.  He would learn about places we would go to, and would love to hear stories of places we had been.

One of my most special memories will be from a trip to the Oregon coast with Kerri and the kids a few years back.  We had talked with him before our trip, and he had told us about his times spent in the same area.  When we arrived in Newport we emailed him to let him know where we were.  It turns out that the hotel we stayed at was right down the street from a place him and my grandma had stayed at on a previous trip.  That was one of my favorite holidays, and it is even more significant knowing that location was one of his favorite places.

When we told him we were going to the Philippines he was immediately interested in every aspect of it.  He spent time learning about the Philippines and Davao City so that he was familiar with it.  Even when he was admitted into the hospital, he spent time talking with Filipino nurses and staff about us going, telling them what we are doing, and learning from them about their homeland.

His support has always been very important to me, and knowing that he was supportive of us as we head overseas means the world to me.  He was one of the first people to start reading this blog, and it pains me to know that he will not see this post.

Grandpa accepted God's love and forgiveness a few short days ago.  Some of his last coherent words were a prayer, making peace with God.  I am eternally grateful to know that he is now walking with God in heaven.

I love you Grandpa.  I will see you later.  Say hi to Jesus for me.


Pamela Jessen said...


What a poignant post about your Grandpa. You have some wonderful memories to help you as you grieve, but I think the knowledge that your Grandpa truly is with God is the most important thing you shared. It's a good reminder that even right up to the very end, God can change a person.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry for the loss of a wonderful man.

Julianne said...

Steve, Kerri, and all the Family,

You are in my prayers and thoughts. I am sorry to hear that your grandpa passed away, but am so happy to hear the wonderful news of him making his peace with God! How wonderful and awesome.

May God fill your hearts with peace and comfort.

In Christ,