Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You

Well this post is a little late in coming, but considering the week we had last week, I think it's understandable.  We had our last fundraiser, a dessert night and silent auction, on Saturday, April 2nd, and once again the weather did not act in our favour.  Steve has said that we should give advice to people on when NOT to plan events:)

However, that being said, it was a successful evening with half of the people there, coming out for the first time.  So it was really great to have new people to share our hearts with and a great way to end our fundraising events.

We want to thank those of you who braved the weather and came out to hear what we are going to be doing in the Philippines.  Thank you also to those of you who provided the delicious desserts that we had for the evening.  A special thank you to Brenda Heywood who put together two beautiful baskets for our silent auction and to Debbie Pearce who provided a beautiful painting. 

We are so thankful for the ways in which people have supported our family, through giving to us financially, encouraging us, and most importantly continually praying for us.  This is not something that we could have done on our own, and we are so grateful to each and everyone of you.

Please continue to pray for us as we wrap up our time here in Canada, and finalize all the little details that we have left.


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