Monday, April 18, 2011

Work to do

I am going to be extremely busy in the next two and a half months; not only do we have to finish packing our house, go to Edmonton to get our immigration documents validated and authenticated by the Canadian government and the Philippine Consulate, and many more little things along the way, but I have to read these eight books and do book reports on them before we leave!

I guess it will be eight less books that I have to read when I get there and begin my classes, but yikes!  It's a lot of reading and I'm sure many hours will be spent at my computer.  I have a funny feeling my laptop and I are going to become either very good friends or very good enemies at the end of my schooling! 

Let the fun begin!



Anonymous said...

i just found your blog today and I was excited to hear you were going to Newlife. Our family is planning to move there and I will start school next June. We didnt have all the money to go this year, so we are just in the process of raising money at this point and are excited to watch God work. It will be good to follow your family and see how this move works out. We have 2 children also, ages 16 months and 29 months. How much money do you have left to raise before leaving?

Kerri said...

Do you have an email address that I can send an answer to? Also, what's your first name?

Anonymous said...

my name is rachel. My email is