Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to Reality

At the Palliser Lodge in Kicking Horse

After spending four wonderful, relaxing days as a family at a gorgeous mountain resort, I feel as though reality has hit me hard in the face.  We are back to our disorganized, half packed house, packing up our very last box that will be shipped tomorrow, and once again making decisions about what to take and what to leave behind.

While we were gone, it was easy to forget that in a few short weeks our lives are going to change in a huge way.  We relaxed, read books, played games, went for a walk in town, drank slurpees and ate ice cream, all the while not wanting to face the fact that this was our last Canadian family holiday.  For those of you who don't know us very well, our family holidays are a huge highlight of our year and for the last few years, we have taken road trips to various places - BC, Washington, Oregon, Utah and there are still a few left on our list to one day visit.  We absolutely love getting in the car with the kids, and heading out not really having many plans, except for where we are going.  We usually don't plan how long we'll be gone, where we'll stay (what's the fun in booking something in advance?), or what we will do when we get there.  We stop whenever the kids (or I) need a break or there happens to be something cool to look at and we arrive at our destination whenever we happen to get there. 

I keep having to remind myself that we are going to Davao as a family and we get to make new memories there, but sometimes it's really hard to leave the things you know and love behind.


One of 9 bears that we saw on our trip - this one and her two cubs were about 100 yards from our lodge

We ended our trip by getting out to do some rock climbing in Kananaskis
Julia getting ready to start climbing
She did such a great job
Daniel enjoyed bouldering and playing on the rocks

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