Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Closed Chapter

The Cochrane chapter of our journey is now officially closed.  We finished cleaning this morning, had our walk through and handed in our keys.  It was kind of bittersweet to walk through our completely empty house and realize that we would not be coming back, however, it felt right to be ending that part of our life.  It has been a great time out in Cochrane, especially having the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, but at the same time it was some of the hardest times for us as well. 

When we moved into the student housing two and half years ago, we had no idea that God would lead us to move to the Philippines at the end of it all.  We had planned out where we thought we would be going after Steve graduated and what we would be doing, however God had other plans for us and has led us on much different journey than we ever thought possible.

While we are sad to end this part of our journey, we are excited to begin our new life in just over a week in the Philippines.


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