Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving Along!

We are now down to the wire for our upcoming move and things are coming fast.  We are moving out of our house in Cochrane this coming Tuesday, the 28th and then will be staying with my parents for a week in Calgary before we fly out on July 7th.  This has been a crazy week of packing, giving things away, storing things and dealing once again with our wild emotions.  We go between being really excited to start our new adventure, sad to leave our friends and family, scared of not really knowing what's ahead, completely freaked out of the idea of going back to school, and just wanting to get on with it so that we can feel settled once again instead of living in limbo.  Right now our house looks like a tornado hit it, but we are making progress.  I have to say I will be very glad to have Tuesday come and be at Mom and Dad's so that we can relax somewhat before we go.

We were able to go to our church Family Camp last weekend and had a fantastic time despite the wet weather, and the best thing was being surprised by our wonderful Stephanie who got special permission to leave her job just to come out and spend one more family camp with us; we love you so much Stephanie.

The goodbyes have started and I've decided that I'm not really a fan of them, however they're going to continue, so I guess I have to get used to them.  It's beginning to really hit Julia and Daniel that they have to leave their friends soon and they are having a hard time dealing with that.  The tears now flow more regularly, and the emotions are more extreme.

Please pray for us as we tie up loose ends here, say our goodbyes and prepare for our move.


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