Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our boxes have arrived!

We received an email from the maternity center this morning saying that our first two boxes have arrived safe and sound in Davao City.  The next two boxes should be arriving there next week and then the fifth box will most likely get there after we arrive.  Besides the kids toys and some of my books, I don't actually remember what we packed, so it will be like Christmas in July for us once we get there and start unpacking them.  Julia and Daniel were so excited to hear that their toys are now waiting for them there; I think it makes the move a little more bearable, knowing that there will be familiar things there waiting for us.

We went to the travel clinic this afternoon and got our vaccinations.  We all had to get Typhoid vaccinations and I also had to get an MMR booster shot because apparently I only got one as a child instead of two, and measles is very prevalent in the Philippines and is quite dangerous, especially for kids.  Julia and Daniel were so brave but once we got home, their arms were beginning to stiffen up and hurt.  Hopefully they'll feel better in the morning.

Three weeks and two days left before we leave.  Yikes!


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